First Layout

I've just finished my first layout! Yippee! I created the dogwood image in Adobe Illustrator and edited the HTML to match it. I'm posting a picture of the layout here so that as I change my layouts periodically, I will always have a record of the old ones.

I've decided to go with the theme of dogwood blossoms for more than the reason that they are the state flower of my home state, Virginia. Dogwood blossoms have a special place in my heart because they would always bloom in the woods behind my home in the spring (my favorite season). So, it only seemed fitting to celebrate the beginning of the spring season with the dogwood.

After deciding on the dogwood, I remembered the legend of the dogwood tree that has reference to the Easter holiday. I guess that makes it even more fitting being that Easter is this weekend!


Aubrey said…
Hey Tabi-
I was doing some work on my blog and Rachel mentioned to me that she wanted to start one. I got thining of you and wondered if you had a blog or a website or something because you guys seem like you would or should or could or all of the above. Anyway - I love the design! I have yet to figure out how to put my own background on there? Was it hard?

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