Sadie's Announcements

As a baby shower gift for my good friends Rob and Lindsey, I created these birth announcements for their new baby girl, Sadie. I worked mostly in Adobe InDesign, but created the branch graphic on the pink one in Illustrator. The photos used were taken by me, and Sadie was a great model. The poses she came up with at only two weeks old were amazing.

I printed the announcements out at for super cheap. There was a little trick though. In order to upload the photos to, they had to be in .jpg format and exactly the size of a digital photo so I had to copy and paste the announcements into Photoshop over the top of an existing photo. I then saved it as a .jpg and uploaded it. (You can't save a file as a .jpg in either Illustrator or InDesign so it is lucky for me that the Creative Suite programs work so well together.)


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