Liam loves to eat tomatoes or "dee-doe" as he says. This page is all about how he used to pick the tomatoes right out of the garden last summer and chow down.

Handy Scrapbook Tips:
New Journaling Idea. For this page, I actually wrote out my journaling on strips of white paper and then pasted the strips in an attractive manner on the page.

"Ransom Note" Title Idea. I wrote the date ("Summer 2007") on a strip of paper, cut out apart each letter, and then pasted them individually on the page in ransom note style.

Seed Packet Title. For this page, I actually got my idea for the title from a vintage seed packet picture I found online. I resized the picture in Microsoft Word so that would fit my layout and then printed it out. I then cut up this picture, used it as a pattern, and created my own seed packet from paper scraps I had lying around. Next, I used cheap artist's soft pastels (chalks) to add dimension to my creation. (As a side note, student-grade artist's soft pastels from Walmart or Michael's are WAY cheaper than the actual scrapbook chalks but still work just as well.)

Oh, and I used a text-box in Word to personalize the company information found at the bottom of the seed packet. (e.g. I used our name in place of the company name.)


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