Dress Make-over


I watched an episode of this show called "I've Got Nothing to Wear" where three designers take an existing wardrobe, cut it up, and make new outfits, and I got so super excited to try it. So...I took this maternity dress that I knew I'd never wear and used the fabric from it to make a skirt that I absolutely adore. All it cost me was a 1/4 yard of black fabric and a little lace.


Aubrey said…
It seems like I remember you wearing that once! I definitely like it better as a skirt. You look hot!! :) if you don't mind the phrase.

Also, I tried the whole sewing in paper thing... I love it! It adds texture without adding too much thickness. But is there a way to make sure the string doesn't unravel or come out of the card? How do you finish it off?

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