Trash to Treasure Dresser

I am no longer a complete refugee crafter! For months all of my current projects have been cluttering my kitchen floor. I finally decided that enough was enough and I needed to find a better place to put them other than their previous home in my son's closet where they were unreachable during that glorious time of day when I get everything done called "naptime."

I found this $30 dresser at a thrift store in poor but sturdy condition and made it over by first painting it with a high adhesion primer and then with latex paint. Some of my supplies were left over from previous projects. I used painters tape to help in creating the stripes.

HANDY TIP: I highly recommend using a small cabinet roller for a project like this. I got one from Lowes. I think the brand was "Whizz." I loved it because it was a sponge with rounded edges so I didn't have to worry about corners or streaks. I wish I'd had it for previous projects, particularly the one where I decided to paint all the kitchen cabinets.

Here are the results:


Here's how it looks in my eat-in kitchen:


That is WAY, WAY cute!! Good job for seeing past the "not so cute" in the beginning and making something beautiful. That is a talent I wish I had!!

Oh and thanks SOOOOO much for the wonderful surprised in the mail. I was so happy to open that today! You are so nice to have done that. Thank you!!
Lyssa Beth said…
This turned out SOOO cute, oh my goodness, I loved the colors!! I need to go dumpster digging!!
Emma F said…
I am new to your blog, and this is the first thing I saw.... I LOVE IT! That is SO beautiful! Great job! :)
Bob's Blog said…
Tabi, so I have a question about the flowers you have in the last picture. How did you make that whole arrangement? It looks so beautiful!

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