Watermelon Clip

Here's a little watermelon clip modeled by your's truly.

Skill Level: It's another EASY project, perfect for beginners learning to embroider.

Red Felt
Green Felt
Red Embroidery Floss
Green Embroidery Floss
Black Embroidery Floss
3/8" Ribbon (I prefer grosgrain.)
1 7/8" double pronged alligator clip or something similar (I got mine from Minor Details.)
Glue gun

1. Use the pattern below to cut out one green circle and one red circle. You will need Adobe Reader to see and print it. It's free, and you can download it here. (The dimensions are about 1.25" in diameter for the green and 1" for the red.)
2. Cut each circle in half to form four semi-circles.
3. Embroider around each red semi-circle using a blanket stitch and red embroidery floss.
4. Embroider around the curved edge of each green semi-circle using a blanket stitch and green embroidery floss.
5. Place one red semi-circle on each green semi-circle. Use black embroidery floss and a french knot stitch to create the watermelon "seeds." I stitched four seeds through both the green and the red felt.
6. Cut 3" of ribbon. On each end of the ribbon, fold about 1/4" to the backside and secure with a dab of hot glue.
7. Glue ribbon to clip as shown in the picture. (Picture is a side view.)

8. Glue watermelon to clip.


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