I can tu-tu, can you?

When my sister-in-law Aubrey was in town last month we made these little tu-tus. They are the so quick and simple. This is a project that doesn't even have to wait for naptime. You could finish this project while your little ones play, and it is easy to put away and start again later if playtime turns ugly. Ooo and there's more, it's cheap and makes a great Halloween or dress-up accessory.

Skill level: Easier that easy

-20 inches of 1 inch wide elastic (or enough to go around your little girl's waist)
-3 1/2 yds tulle (cost about $1/yd at JoAnn's, less if you use a coupon) (The brighter colors seem to work best.)

1. Begin by cutting your tulle into 6" by 20" rectangles.

I found an easy way to do this was to start by folding the tulle in thirds lengthwise. (Tulle comes 60" wide so this divides it into three 20" sections.)

Next, use your rotary cutter or scissors to cut 6" strips.

Then, run your scissors along the two fold lines to divide each strip into 3 pieces.

(This sounds more complicated than it is. Click on the picture below for a visual explanation.)

2. Overlap the ends of the elastic to form a ring. Make sure there are no twists. Sew the ends together.

3. Tie each 6" by 20" rectangle around the elastic making sure the ends are even. (See below.)

The tu-tu will look a little bare at the beginning, but by the time you have 20 or so rectangles tied onto the elastic it starts looking good.

SPECIAL NOTE: I found out after originally posting this that you can actually buy the tulle on a 6" wide spool! Then, all you have to do is cut it to your desired length. (I used 20") Talk about saving time! (Thank you Lyssa!)


Lyssa Beth said…
Super cute!
I love tutu's. We just had a craft night and made them. Something that makes them easier is to buy the tulle in the 6" spools and then cut them to the desired length...i've done both ways and it does save lots of time!!
Kacey said…
Tu-tus are TOO much fun! I made one for Ruby Jane and had a ball. I'm going to pass this tutorial on to my friend Erin - she'll love it. Your blog is just the best!
Lyssa Beth said…
I am a BIG fan of TIme savers! I'm glad I was able to help!!

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