Tu Tu Winner

The winner of the tu-tu giveaway is Maureen of Cooking My Life! She's a grandmother with a great sense of humor and a greater sense of wisdom. I've enjoyed getting to know her through her blog. (And can I just say I love that she calls her granddaughters "grandchicks!") Congratulations!

Thank you all for showing interest. It's nice knowing that someone other than me has seen my blog!
As a side note: I am a BIG hat person, so it only seemed fitting for me to draw the name from one. This is my newest one from Forever 21.
My husband was the one to draw the name this time. He was so cute with his eyes tightly closed. He missed the hat on the first try so I know there was no peeking involved!


Thank you ...thank you...thank you!!

Maureen the Wise....LOL (Darlin' that's just what comes from having lived thru a lotta years.)
Aubrey said…
What a fun hat! Allie's dress turned out adorable! You really pay attention to the details, that's awesome! I just thought you should know that there isn't a day that goes by that Aria doesn't ask for you.... 'Aunt Abi, Uncow Wiw, and ilum.' You definitely made and impression on her. What are you guys doing for thanksgiving?

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