Happy Halloween Pillows

Here are my most recent projects. Done on a whim, not planned, very fast, very fulfilling. The haunted house pillow was purchased from a Provo Craft outlet months ago, and I wanted to have a couple of pillows to go with it. These pillows sit on a wicker chest that serves as a place to store shoes in my entry way.

They are both made of felt. For the circle one I cut out a bunch of circles arranged them in a grid and stitched around the edges using a blanket stitch and a contrasting color of embroidery floss. For the spider pillow (my son's favorite) I stitched an orange circle ( created by tracing a dessert plate) to the pillow using a blanket stitch. Then, I cut out a spider from black felt using a free clip art image I found on Google as a guide and stitched it to the orange circle using a running stitch. Then I stitched on a strip of white felt using a running stitch.


Kacey said…
These are ADORABLE! You should be so proud of yourself! Oh my goodness. I may have to recreate the spider one, but in girly colors. Our friend's daughter's b-day is coming up and she is obsessed with spiders! This would be so cute in her room.
Lyssa Beth said…
Those are way too cute! You are too much. How did you think of these? You gotta sell those cause those would go fast!
Shana said…
I LOVE these! You are quite the domestic goddess. :)
Keep up the fabulous work!
Aubrey said…
So Cute! I think it's so fun to do stuff that's pretty immediately fulfilling. Where did you learn all of your different stitches? I don't know the terminology. You'll have to teach me. Maybe we'll make some Thanksgiving pillows when you come down. Yay! I'm so excited!
Super, super cute and creative. Oh to have half your talent!

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