Costumes 2007

Here are our costumes from last year. Will was a knight, I was a princess, and Liam was a dragon. We won't be able to do matching costumes for much longer, but I'd like to keep matching until Liam picks something unmatchable. If any of you have any ideas for themes let me know. I'm always looking out for them.

For Liam's dragon costume I used Simplicity 3599. I really liked this pattern for a child's costume. It's an easy jumpsuit type pattern that Velcro-s down the back and ,that cuts out fast. I added a couple of things to the pattern to make it work for me. Nothing hard. First, I cut out an extra set of dragon spikes and added them to the back opening. The pattern only called for them down the tail and on the hood. I wanted them to go all the way. I also added a fleece lining to make it extra warm for our cold Utah Halloweens. (To do this, I just cut out a set of the body patterns in fleece, sewed it following the pattern directions, turned it inside out and stitched it to the inside of the costume.)
For Will's knight costume, I used Simplicity 4942. No complaints. Easy and simple. It makes a big large robe that you pullover your head. For this reason, I recommend this one for plays or anything else that requires a quick change.
For my dress I used Simplicity 9891. This one runs big so cut out a size smaller. Also, I never could get the front where the inlay connects to the dress body to lay as flat as I wanted. It was reasonable, I just wish it was a little less bumpy. Over all I liked this pattern.


Kacey said…
Look at that teeny tiny waist of yours! Love these costumes. I think it is so much fun. I think next year I'm going to make the kids be the Wizard of Oz cast - I'll have to wrangle one of our friends, but its all good. :o)
Chapel Lane said…
Hi, congratulations on your dresses are very pretty.
I'm trying to do something special for my daughter's first communion. I try to follow this pattern, but its hard when you are a beginner, any recommendations!

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