Just a Doodle

October is a very busy month for me because I love costumes and I love to make them! That makes for a lot of sewing. Add the pile of projects I start on a whim and the pile of unfinished projects lying all around my house, plus, that pile of clean laundry that never seems to get folded before the next wash day and you've got a pretty overwhelmed crafter. Yesterday, overwhelmed and under-slept, I stopped in the middle of the afternoon and took a gloriously long two-hour nap while my husband graciously watched our sweet little boy. Then, he even made dinner. What a wonderful man! How did I ever survive before him?

Today is a much better day. I'm rested and well-fed. All is right with the world once more. I feel ambitious and happy and ready to start another week! I even had the chance to do a little doodling with a crayon this evening. Always relaxing. Here's what evolved:
Here's the recipient of my little doodle, my sweet niece Katie who once again is planning on being a witch for Halloween. I was just so thrilled that she wanted to keep my drawing. Talk about making a girl's day. I'm referring to my day, of course, although Katie does look rather enthusiastic.


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