Autumn Leaves

My niece Maddie who attends year-round school is on break for a few weeks so she has been coming over to play on Thursdays. It's been really fun having her around. She is such a good big sister to Liam, and he ADORES her. They've been best buds ever since Liam was a baby and Maddie would come over every Friday after kindergarten. (I think Maddie thought Liam was her baby then!)

This Thursday Maddie and I tried out a new project we learned about on Epicurean Style. I thought they turned out great!

Basically, they are leaves cut out of white paper and dipped in melted crayon. They glow just like stained glass when hung by a window.

Liam (who is two) even helped dip or should I say drop a few leaves himself.

(Thank you to my neighbor and to my sister who each donated a bag of crayons for the cause. Having only one two-year-old, all I had around was ONE fairly new box of crayons, and it seemed like such a shame to melt them.)

I recommend doing all your leaves in one sitting. I think I reheated my crayons too many times and the wax started to get groady. It was kind of a nice effect (you can see it on the second picture), but the color stopped sticking to the leaf and all that stuck was the grime.

Epicurean Style has more detailed instructions and is a fabulous place for preschool crafts, recipes, humor, and the most adorable aprons! Oh, such a fun place to visit.


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