Frolicking Frock

I really have no idea what to call this little jumper so...frolicking frock it is. (Kind of a lame version of all the cute names Grosgrain and Sugar City Journal create.)

This is my first attempt at making my own pattern which explains the plainness. I hope to have the pattern up by Friday night. Maybe by the time the pattern is up, I'll have a picture of this on an actual little girl. I've got to get one of those someday, but until then I'll just have to borrow a friend's.

Although it is simple, I thought it could be fun to jazz up with different accessories like tights or leggings. The cold weather has me thinking about all sorts of cute cardigans too!


Kacey said…
Are you SERIOUS?! Congratulations on making your own pattern. I am so impresed and think this little outfit is soooooo darling!

Great job girlfriend!
Shana said…
This is your FIRST attempt????? WOW! I am so impressed!
Rae said…
amazing! sorry i haven't sent pics of allie yet in the adorable halloween outfit/sunday dress. She is a doll in it!! Will send soon. I love your sewing projects--you're awesome!
Aubrey said…
I was seriously looking at these pictures and said "aw keut...nithe" translated - Oh, Cute! Nice! Thought you might appreciate it.
Aubrey said…
sorry, that was Aria that said that... :)

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