{Photo Story Friday} Little Prankster

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

This is my first Photo Story Friday. It's a serious case of monkey see, monkey do. Kacey of Chronicles of a Mommy started posting for Photo Story Friday a month ago and ever since then I think, "I wonder if this picture will work for Friday," every time I take a photo. With such a great idea though, I don't mind being a little monkey-like.

A little monkey just happens to be the star of my photo story.

The other night during dinner my little monkey, Liam, was running around as usual. He tends to eat dinner in shifts: eat a little, play a little. I guess my husband and I just take too long eating so he has to find entertainment elsewhere. This particular night he found entertainment in the laundry room next to the kitchen where he was playing ever so quietly. Suddenly he runs up and says, "Mommy look, Dadda's shoes." "Yes, Liam, Daddy's shoes are in the laundry room," I respond thinking that's what he's referring to, but he keeps insisting that I look at the shoes. Finally, I get up and check them out only to find that he has stuffed "Dadda's shoes" full of packing peanuts obtained from a box near the back door waiting to be taken out to the trash. The amazing thing is that the peanuts were packed in two neat little piles in the shoes. None on the floor.

I'm afraid the reenactment was not so orderly. What a little prankster!


Rae said…
so cute! I love little boys. ..
Shana said…
I wonder if it's a little boy thing...my little boy likes to stuff any kind of container full of random things...so usually when I'm missing something, I have to search all kinds of little tins, canisters, boxes, etc etc...and usually find the most bizarre things in the most unusual of places.
Kacey said…
Love it! What a great PSF! Thanks for the pep talk on the roman shades & pattern suggesstion. I think I may have to make the attempt.

Oh and don't think I won't take you up on yoru offer either. Ha! Ha! Desparate times call for desparate measures. :O) Shoot me an email any time and we'll talk about it.

Have a great day and you're a great addition to PSF. Don't forget to add your name & URL to Mr. Linky at Cecily's or MamaGeeks blog! :o) Then everyone else can view yoru fab PSF too! It will be up tonight or tomorrow am.
Anonymous said…
So cute! Welcome to PSF! :)
Chris said…
That's cool!
I think you going to have your hands full -- this is just the beginning.
Very cool, welcome! I'm afraid we're really in for it with these boys....
Rae said…
OK--so Andy thinks the picture behind your title "Refugee Crafter" is you. Is it?

Please, settle our dispute. :)
Very funny and creative. It could have been worse, right?
Aubrey said…
I'm glad Aria's not the only organizational freak! :) We are so excited for Thanksgiving! I won't have a car next week so I'll be doing most of my shopping on Friday.Please let me know what I can get by then. Love you!

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