Doll Blankets

This was the first Christmas I've been able to spend with my whole family in four years, and I wanted to make it special by including everyone. (I mean everyone with the exception of my brother Seth who is on a mission for the LDS church in Oregon and comes home in 10 DAYS!)

Here's the project my nieces and I completed for my parents and their playroom. We made little doll blankets from scrap flannel quilt squares a friend gave me when she moved away. The girls designed the quilts, and I sewed them together and tied them.

Here are a few pictures of the quilts and the nieces who created them. (The bear with the blankets is Fluffy, my favorite toy as a child. She went everywhere with me and sported my first hand-sewn fashions.)






Kacey said…
Oh my goodness! What a super cute idea and I am sure the girls loved it!

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