Jewelry Box

I have one of these jewelry boxes and I LOVE it. I got it from Walmart for about $25, and just convinced my mom to get one for my sister for her birthday. I love it because it hangs on the wall away from little fingers, and it looks so nice. It comes with a mat board with divisions to put a variety of your own snapshots in.

For my sister's box, I helped my mom frame a copy of a painting I did in high school in place of the photo collage. ( I love having that option with this jewelry box.) The painting was painted from a photo of my two sisters when they were little. They aren't actually twins; it just happened to be one of those days when my mom dressed them alike. One of my sisters ended up having identical twin girls later so I gave the original to her.


Kacey said…
So pretty! My o my you're talented!
April Perry said…
I remember that picture vividly, it was so amazing!

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