Finished Sethy Shirts

I finished the shirts (pictured below) for Seth's homecoming last week with time to spare. Barely, but just enough to make a banner to hold at the airport. It was made using my new best friend, freezer paper. I just printed the letters really big on regular paper and actually traced them onto a looooong strip of freezer paper before cutting them out with a craft knife. It went surprisingly fast either because the letters were drawn on already so I didn't have to worry about them slipping or because most of the lines were straight. Then I ironed it on (a little crooked by accident) and used a can of flat spray paint to fill it it. The spray paint worked GREAT and fast. Next time, I would reccommend taping the newspaper or whatever you use to shield the extra cloth to the freezer paper so that stray paint doesn't get underneath it like it did around the edges on mine. Gives it that homemade feel...that's uh, what I was going for. Right?

Here are some pictures of the finished shirts:


(anxiously awaiting the arrival)

(celebrating after and looking oh so chic)

Finally...the star of the night and his sisters.


Noelley Belly said…
Check it out! The shirts turned out awesome!!! I saw it and thought, "Man, I should go to Target and get myself one of them shirts!" Great job usual! Although you might have a lot to live up to come the next homecoming... ;)
Kacey said…
Great job girlfriend!
Rae said…
Awesome!! Welcome home!

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