Bathroom Disaster or Opportunity Knocking?

It has been a very eventful weekend. My little boy was really sick. We're talkin' fever, cough, not really eating but thankfully drinking, three straight restless nights, and very tired parents. Then during the middle of all this, my in-laws call from downstairs saying their shower which is directly below our toilet has a drip. (We live in an up and down duplex.) We've had problems before and thought...must be the toilet again. Nasty, I know. Well, plumber came and figured out it was not the toilet or anything else plumbing related and called a restoration company they work with who then figured out there is a leak and the water is actually coming from the roof, damaging our walls, and settling in the basement. Now, we've got holes in the wall, ceiling, and floor with these massive fans and a dehumidifier running constantly to try and dry it all out, and man, they are LOUD! We hope to have the problem fixed in the next few days. Hopefully, my hearing lasts that long.

The silver lining to this story is that I've wanted to repaint the bathroom anyway but didn't really have a reason to do so! It's our only full bathroom, and although Liam might protest, I want to ditch the rubber ducky theme we've had and give it a more grown-up look. Now I've been forced to figure out that new sophisticated look.

Here's one idea found in my mom's Country Style magazine:

I know none of these are bathrooms, but I'm looking more at color and overall style. I really like the ice blue/gray walls. (They look more blue in the magazine, but I'm too lazy to color correct the picts here.) I also love the clean contemporary lines and the contrast of the black and white photos.

I'd really love to take a few photos of us getting ready like these found at The Tum Tum Tree. (She's the genius behind GrosgrainFabulous.) I want to put them in black frames with wide white mattes like the wine labels in the dining room pictures above.

Like I said though, it's just an idea. I'm not completely sure about the color. I love the ice blue, but I've done blue and wouldn't mind a change. I'm open for other ideas and color schemes. If you've got an idea, PLEASE send it my way! It's a long narrow bathroom, and I have no idea what to do about a shower curtain. If you've seen a cute one recently, let me know.


Shana said…
Oh, I hope you guys get some sleep tonight! It's not fun to have sick little kiddos! (for you or them!)
If you're unsure about the blue, green is a great soothing bathroom color, too...maybe a celery. I like the clean classic lines too...and your idea for the pics is adorable!
Aubrey said…
You might try a tan... or even chocolate. That might be a little bold... I'm not really a blue person, but I think it could be great. I LOVE the black and white photo idea. If you're going for the serenity aspect... you might try some Ansel Adams photography.. I like his giant lonesome trees. Sorry to hear about the giant fans running 24/7 though... how have things been with Sarah et al? Love the new header... especially the lipstick. :)
Rae said…
Hope everyone and the bathrooms are better now! Icy blue--Andy just painted his office--each operatory has a different theme/color on an accent wall. They did spring (purple), summer (yellow), fall (rusty red), paradise (ocean blue) and winter (icy blue-ish grey) It actually looks a bit more green on the wall than it did in the color sample, but it is the girls' (staff) favorite room. It turned out really cool. . . so I think it might work in a bathroom too. Good luck. . . I'm sure whatever you work out will be fantastic!
jules said…
I have a grayish/blue on my bathroom wall and love it. come see it if you haven't already painted. Let me know next time you have a sick one. I have magical oils that have blessed us.

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