Fabric Flowers

My MIL is the mother of all gift-givers, and boy, is she a good one. (Both MIL and gift-giver!) I always want to do something for her to show her my gratitude, but what do you get a person who has everything? I've finally decided that the best thing to give her is something homemade. Something cute and classy. Something she can't buy anywhere else. Something with a little bit of me in it.

She comes in a few days, and these are the little flowers I've concocted for her:
(You can make your own too! Here's the tutorial from Wise Craft.)

I thought because she is such a good gift giver she might like to attach one of these an impeccably wrapped present (as they all are) or a plate of goodies for a neighbor. They'd also look good attached to a clip secured in a little girl's hair, pinned to a cute bag or hat, or a multitude of other possibilities.

The tutorial is really easy to follow, and they work up really quickly. Love that. I need a project that is easy to finish every once in a while...something to finish and check off my beloved never-ending list. I get a little bogged down by projects that take forever. Not that that keeps me from doing them, just ask the stack in my kitchen...that will have to be moved to my bedroom when my in-laws come. Add that to the list...

I made a few variations to the original pattern. I got the idea from Cristina to blanket stitch around the edge of a circle of felt and place it on top just under the button. I also tried the same idea with a yo-yo (a circle of fabric sewn around the edges and then gathered, secured, and flattened; pictured upper right corner). I also added a third level of petals on the four on the left hand side above. I used the same pattern but just reduced the size of the smaller flower to about 75% or so.


Aubrey said…
Love the flowers.... Thanks for linking the tutorial - I've been dying to try a new design for a clippie. I've been giving out your blog info often lately... people always ask me where I get the hat. If I knew they didn't take very long... I'd say you should mass produce them. People love it. I tried not to pose her... she won't sit there anyway, Some of these I was actually playing hide and seek with her. That's why my composition is a little off. I wanted her to look at the camera though... that was the hard thing. yikes!

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