For All Those Who Have Ever Been Caught Acting Like a Dork

As I was waiting in a public place the other day, a stylish girl with a stylish haircut passed into my peripheral vision. I timidly glanced her way, assured myself that her attention was elsewhere, and then began my full-blown stare. Am I two?... apparently... and it becomes more obvious as the tale continues. I checked out her stylish outfit, then equally stylish haircut, and then finally my stare landed on her face. Not a bad looking face, well within the normal-bounds of faces, but a little unusual, so my artist mind I began to analyze her. I decided there was something different about her mouth...either the way she held her jaw when at rest or perhaps an under-bite...I may never know because just as I felt my own face mimicking her's and her unusual jaw resulting in what I can only assume was my very own awkward-looking recreation, she looked my way.


Kacey said…
Oi Vey! That is too funny! We've all done some version of that, if it were me though, I would have tuned red and then opened my mouth only to immediately insert my foot into it. LOL I hope you're feeling well and your weekend is a great one!
Shana said…
Lol. I love your blog. Never a dull moment. :D And hey, we've all been there.

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