Ride 'em Cowgirls

My good friend Callie returned from her yearly Canadian sojourn a while back, and we've been busy! It's so nice to have a scrapbooking buddy. I actually make time to scrapbook now. It's something I enjoy, but it often gets pushed aside. If I don't have a tool or supply Callie has it, and I'm often inspired by something she does. To top it all off it's so nice to have a second opinion. So there's my plug for scrapbooking with a friend, and here's my most recent page:

I tried a couple of new things this time: silk flowers and fibers (hemp cord). I'm pleased with the results.

I've also recently been introduced to a couple of new adhesives I can't live without now. First, Duck Tape brand "Easy Stick Adhesive Roller." It looks like this:

Love it! Easy to use and works well. Buy it in the office supply section at Walmart. It comes in a pack of four for $9ish. (In the craft department it's like $5 a piece.)

I've also been introduced to Zots. They're these little round sticky rubber-like dots that you pull off and use to stick hard to stick things to your page. Things like ribbon, flowers, fibers, bulky embellishments, etc. You can find them at almost any craft/scrapbook store.


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