What is it about green that I just LOVE?! Every time I consider redecorating it's the first color I think of. I've even considered it for the new bathroom color, but my eat-in kitchen already called dibs on it.

Greens like this darling room from Wee Wonderfuls:

...and this fantastic bedroom from Sugar City Journal. How could you not have pleasant dreams in a bed like this?

(Kid's rooms are on my mind right now as I try to finish a few bedroom redo projects in time for Liam's birthday in a couple of weeks.)

I've also always loved these Jadeite dishes. Someday, I'll have a set...and a large kitchen to display them! (Image courtesy of Country Living.)

Maybe it's the snow falling outside just two days after a jacket-less trip to the zoo, but I'm really craving a little green right now.


Kacey said…
I LOVE green too!!! I may even try to do my hutch in green...LOVE the rooms you chose!
Kacey said…
that is the exact green we want to paint our kitchen...
...if we get the house!

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