Liam's Third Birthday

My little boy is turning THREE, and I've been planning for months in my mind. Not that it's going to be a huge event (seriously, he's only three); I just LOVE childrens' parties and thinking about them. Here are a few things I've got up my sleeve:

I finished these invitations yesterday:

I saw a similar one at Tiny Prints and fell in love so I made my own. Here's a copy of the image without our info so you can make one for your little (or big) one too. I'm not sure if the jpg image will be large enough for the links to the pdf versions are below:

Single Invitation PDF
Sheet of 4 Invitations PDF
Download Adobe Reader Here

Then, I saw these cupcakes (from Trophy Cupcakes) on Be Different...Act Normal and fell in love again. What can I say? Love was in the air...or space.

All this was in preparation for moving Liam to his space-ship themed "HUGE boy bed" from his "BIG boy" toddler bed that will soon need to be converted back to a crib. I was hoping to have time to finish making his new bedspread inspired by this one from The Land of Nod, but...I guess the big move will just have to wait a little longer:

I love these pillows too. Especially the round "Pluto" has the date Pluto was retired on the back.

I thought a couple of personalized posters in this vein might be fun too. Maybe with Liam's or the baby's birth info. (They'll be sharing a room.) It'll say something like, Liam Pettit, blasted into the world on (his birthday), weighing such and such pounds, yadda, yadda minus the Velvet Lounge part at the bottom! (If I hadn't mentioned it, would you have noticed?)


Shana said…
What a lucky little boy Liam is. Looks like a fun party. :D
Aubrey said…
Have you made any progress yet? Can't wait to see it when it's done. Are you doing another pinata?
Kacey said…
SO exciting!!! It's going to be a FAB party!
Anonymous said…
I got my daughters bedding at Land of Nod and adore it. The birthday looks like a hit--so inspirational!

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