Liam's Third Birthday Party

It was a whirlwind, stormy party weekend, but it was also a lot of fun even in the carport!

I made our traditional pinata with the ol' flour, salt, and soda recipe which resulted in this:

followed by this:

The Traditional Mad Rush for Candy

I also made these:
(You probably recognize them from, here, here, or here.)

These of course resulted in this and later big black goatees:

(P.S. The cupcakes were really simple. Just chocolate cupcakes frosted with chocolate frosting tinted with black food coloring or blue buttercream frosting and then rolled in colored sugar and topped with a piped white frosting star. I've also seen large star-shaped sprinkles if you want to further simplify. On the other hand if you want to complicate things, you could color your own sugar with food coloring drops and a plastic bag. I opted for semi-simplicity (that term sums me up pretty well) and got my colored sugar at Funfinity, a candy making and toy store. Strange store combo, but somehow it works. I'm sure you could find the blue at a normal grocery store. You may have to go to a cake/candy supply store for the black.

I'm thinking the black ones would be fun to do again for Halloween or an Over-the-Hill party.)

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Shana said…
Too cute! I'm sure Liam loved it!

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