Halloween Scrapbook Pages

I've really been bitten by the scrapbook bug lately, and here are a few pages I've done recently.

Maybe it's knowing the baby is coming and that I still have so many pictures from Liam's three years to complete. Maybe it's finding 52Sketches52Weeks.com (possibly my favorite scrapping site ever), but I am in a scrapping groove.

If you scrap or want to start, I recommend 52sketches52weeks.com. Each week they post a new layout sketch and a few of their design takes on it. You can then upload your take on it, and you are automatically entered into a drawing to win a packet of supplies from a sponsor. Even if you don't want to upload your pages, the inspiration alone makes it worth it. (Oh, and check out the forums...they are really quite helpful.)

A page a week, I think even lil' (or rather not so lil') pregnant me can handle that. (I keep hitting Liam in the head with my belly! He's just the wrong height!)

It's interesting, the more I scrapbook, the more I find out about myself and my thought and decision making processes. For instance...

I find it fits my scrapping style to start with the layout and then find the pictures I have to match it. Took me long enough to realize that, but it has sure saved me time and frustration since I did.

Also, I find I have to change it up in little ways or else I get bored. So I'm trying to include some new technique on every page I finish, to break from my dated scrapbook paradigm. On the dragon page, I folded a strip of green paper kind of screw-ompus and ruffly, and then stitched it to the page. On the other two pages I stapled the ribbons to the page, and also embroidered over some of the existing paper patterns with a contrasting thread.

Also, I find that I make more time for scrapbooking if I do it with a friend.

(I finally finished all three pages Noelle!)

How about you? What is your scrapbook/crafting personality? Do you work best when working with others? Do you prefer to work alone? What motivates you?


Noelley Belly said…
They look great Tabi! I love what you did with your page and the Princess letters! Looks great! Keep it up, even if it comes kind of slowly!

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