I decided it was time for a change and finally got rid of that imposing picture of myself. Way too BIG.

Now, I'm trying to simplify my life and therefore simplified my header. It feels nice to have a fresh start.


Shana said…
Love the retro look of it! So cute...although your pic wasn't bad. :D
Rae said…
Very cute! I haven't checked in for a while. . . you've been busy!!! (I've been absent for a couple of months too. . . now trying to play catchup!!)

I love your little girl clothes!
Jimmy has been really into crocheting lately too. . . Grandma showed him, and he went to town! Made some accessories for his stuffed bird toys. So cute.

LOVE the sweaters. You make them sound easy enough maybe I could even make one. . . .

thanks for the fun view of what you're up to! Can't wait to meet the new little one!!!!


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