Car Seat

Funny how certain ideas get in our heads and really stick. Like the idea I had that I needed a NEW car seat, scratch that...a new travel system complete with double stroller...for when the baby comes. (21 days until my due date! YIPES!)

I don't really need a new carseat. I have a carseat and single stroller that work just fine. True...they are old. My sister bought them for her little girl who is now eight. Do I really want to admit that online?

I think what I was really thinking was that I wanted something of my own...something new...something specific for this baby. So, I kept on thinking and decided I could settle for making a new car seat cover. It helped that I found this tutorial featured on U-create.

Then, I started looking for car seat cover ideas. I found this one on Etsy somewhere. If it's yours, it's lovely. Unfortunately, I'm having a girl and can't afford a $90 cover.

Then, I found this one on Luh-uved it, but over $200. Nope, but it was just the inspiration I needed.

So a trip to the fabric store and a week of sewing later. (That is a week of sewing little by little and trip to Nanna's for Liam one day.) Tuh-dum! New, all mine, for this baby car seat:

The best part. Total cost under $20. $14 for the blue botanical printed home decorator fabric. (More than I usually spend on fabric for a project this size, but I wanted it to withstand a little wear and tear and washing.) $3 for the two fat quarters of yellow printed fabric for the headrest. $1 for the striped fabric from a vintage sheet set purchased (most pieces still in the package) at a yard sale this summer.


Now, I know I've left you wondering a bit. I'm having a girl, right?




Another one of those ideas that got stuck in my head. For some reason, when I think of this baby, I think of yellow and blue. (With Liam it was safari.) I guess I've been a mother to a boy for too long and now all my thoughts are tinted blue. However, paired with the yellow and a ruffle all is sufficiently "girl" for me.

FYI. I'd still like a double stroller. Liam walks, but with only one car which my husband drives to work each day, we do more walking than a three year old can handle. So, I'm in the market for a smaller, fold-up stroller, somewhere between an umbrella sized stroller and a full sized stroller, with a bit of storage space.

Does such a thing exist? Am I just getting ideas in my head again? If you know of a good one, PLEASE let me know.


Anonymous said…
First of all, that is a very cute car seat! Good work (and I love that you can then take it off and throw it in the wash.)

Second, double strollers. There are only two brands that I know of (I go walking with a very large group of stroller mom's each morning) that aren't four feet wide. They are both pretty expensive, but if you do some sleuthing on KSL and Craigslist you may be able to find one. They are the Phil and Ted, and The Bob.

Good luck with your new baby!
Aubrey said…
Congrats on all your hard work.. how are you feeling? I think I'm finally feeling mostly unsick... if you know what I mean.. it kind of comes and goes now instead of being omnipresent. We can't wait to see you guys.

I don't know if you're planning on a double stroller or not, but in my opinion, it depends on what you want to use it for.... Walking, shopping? For me, I like to go walking every day, so if I don't get something with bigger wheels, or a jogger, I could be going through double strollers every six months. I have been SUPER happy with my babytrend jogger. (single). I'll probably go with a double jogger so we can go on long walks or do things like Disney land, big events... but I won't be able to take it shopping... I'll just make Aria walk then... :) I'm so considerate, I know. She'd probably rather walk anyway. I can't wait to meet little Teagan Rose... Love ya.
Rae said…
YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! Holy cow. That is awesome.
Stephanie Mass said…
This is amazing, i dont have a little one yet but i do know that shopping for cute car seats are hard to find unless you want to pay a pretty penny. this is gret. good job
holly said…
you probably already have a stroller but eddie bauer has a front to back mid size stroller almost similar to an umbrella stroller, I personally use a side by side maclaren which i absolutely love. I tend not to like the front to back for a number of reasons and don't like jogging stollers unless i am actually running!
I have spent forever on your blog, I have been looking around for way too long! Came over from sew, mama, sew.

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