Curtains for Liam's Room

I finished these just before the baby came but haven't had a chance to post them until now.

Just plain inexpensive muslin embellished with pleats and fabric covered buttons.

Because Liam and Teagan will be sharing a room, I needed something that would work for both a boy and a girl. The pleats add a little femininity for Teagan but the tailored look keeps it masculine enough for Liam. In my mind anyway.

I rarely come up with stuff completely on my own. I copy and combine. Here are the curtains I found online at Sears (I think) that served as inspiration for this project:


Kacey said…
Girl! That is fantastic! You have serious talent my friend that is for sure. I got your email. I've been down & out sick all week but will see what supplies I have on hand and get a necklace to you asap. I'm so excited for you and glad everyone is doing so well. When you get a chance email me you addy again. ;D

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