Paw Mittens

Halloween is a BIG deal in our home. I start thinking about costumes at the beginning of each summer hoping to be ahead of the game and finish them in August. Do I ever? No, but I still enjoy thinking about them. I guess I just didn't get my fill of costumes as a kid.

This year there are four of us, and Liam is getting old enough to pick his own costumes so this may end up being our last themed Halloween. :(

These days Liam is WAY into pretending. I answer to the name of "Penny" more than I answer to "Momma," and I'm constantly reminded by a certain three-year-old, "No, not Liam...Bolt." So Disney's Bolt was the obvious choice for this year.

As Liam also reminds me, Bolt has paws, not hands. (It's amazing the chores that can't be done with Bolt paws, by the way.) I used this pattern for Liam's paws:

Then, I sewed on the "paw prints" made of craft felt by hand. Just a sort of Lima bean and some circles.


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