Blessing Dress

This just may be the pinnacle of my sewing career. I'm so excited with how it turned out.
This is Teagan's baby blessing dress. (A baby blessing in the LDS church is kind of like a christening in other churches.)

I'm so proud of this one because I actually made my own pattern and tatted the lace trimmings myself. It is definitely my most ambitious endeavor. Months in the works.

When I was having major trouble sleeping while pregnant, I thought about this dress. Here are the original sketches from my sketch book that I keep next to my bed:

Thinking about it now, I wonder if it was really excitement and anxiety over this dress and other projects that kept me up and not pregnancy after all.

I love the sunset lighting on the pictures above, but these pictures below are truer to the real color and show better detail.

The tatting on the jacket:

(The pattern for the lace on the sleeves comes from the book A New Twist on Tatting by Catherine Austin. I just added the pearl beads to her pattern. The frog closures are my own creation. If you want the pattern, email me.)

The ruffles on the dress inspired by Butterick pattern B4967 which I just may have to purchase now:

The proud Momma and her baby:

In some ways this dress is a sort of tribute to those who have taught me so much. My mom who taught me to use a sewing machine and read a pattern. My grandma who could whip up a jacket in no time and whose patterns (bought and made) I inherited. I can see her wearing sleeves just like the ones on this dress. My other grandma who taught me to keep learning. Emma Vogel who taught me to knit in exchange for house cleaning. The thread for the tatting came from her as did most of my knitting needles. Caroline Nelson who taught me (and my husband!) to tat just after we were married. Her husband could tat too, by the way, but I'm the only one who's kept it up in our family.

I'm not sure whether Teagan will like to create as much as I do, but at least she'll know and have something to show that I liked to create...for her.


Kacey said…
tabitha...i am SUPER impressed. beautiful work!
Alice-Anne said…
Tabi, when I saw the dress I wanted to ask you if you had made is SO exquisite, SO beautiful! I can't believe you designed it as well as sewed! Awesome. This will make an incredible heirloom. Good to see you guys!
SandM Frandsen said…
Love it...Love it....LOVE it!!!!!
hi there! i love your daughters beautiful blessing dress. i am in awe over how nice and professional looking it is.
It's so beautiful! Your daughter is "doubly blessed" to have this as an heirloom.
It's so beautiful! Your daughter is "doubly blessed" to have this as an heirloom.
Unknown said…
Tabi, you're awesome. I want to grow up to be just like you someday
Love Mom
Deborah Raymond said…
Absolutely gorgeous! I am awe struck!
Shantel Elise said…
Oh my goodness. I just found your blog and have fallen in love. I love this dress, heart and soul. I was looking for a blessing dress pattern when I stumbled across your blog. Do you have any semblance of a pattern that goes along with this dress? Any tips? Any instructions? I would be SO incredibly grateful for any help you could give me. My e-mail is shantel_elise (at)
Autumn said…
I too am absolutely in love with this dress. Would it be ok if I tried to make it for my daughters blessing dress? If it is ok I would love any tips you have or a pattern would be amazing too. You truly are a gifted sewer. Please let me know... (at)
Unknown said…
We are adopting are first little one and couldn't be more thrilled. I came across your beautiful dress while looking for a pattern to use for her blessing/sealing dress. If you have any tips, or anything I could go off of to create the jacket portion it would be GREATLY appreciated. You did an amazing job and I would love to try my hand at a jacket like this for my little one. If so, you can contact me at daveandkara.adoption(at)

Thanks so much!!!

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