Bolt Costume

Happy Halloween from the cast of Disney's Bolt!
(From left to right: Penny, Mittens, Green-Eyed Man (Dr. Calico), and Bolt)

For Liam's Bolt costume I used Simplicty pattern 2855. It was a very easy to follow pattern and worked up quickly. A costume staple. I highly recommend it. So many options.

To make the ears a little more sticky-upy and Bolt-like I just enlarged the cat ears provided in the pattern and added an extra layer of felt on the inside.

For the tail, I altered the cat tail provided in the pattern making it thicker overall and widening the end even more.

Take away the lightning bolt and the collar and the costume is a dead ringer for the wolf costume in Where the Wild Things Are so we just may use this one again next year if it still fits. Who am I kidding? I'm going to want to make a totally different costume just for fun. Suggestions welcome.


Anonymous said…
VERRRY cute! I am still in love with your costumes last year too! (That's how I found you a few months ago, and I've been stalking you since.)
Daisy said…
I live in the UK and have been searching for a Bolt costume for my daughter, she will be 3 at the end of July, on the net and cant find anywhere to buy one. She will be in a dancing show in October and she wants to dress up as Bolt, do they sell the costume in the USA? if so do you have an web address. I thought you had bought the costume but read that you had made it, well I am not good at sewing so wondered if I could buy the costume from you.
thanks daisy and sophia
Beth said…
Hello! How are you! My name is Elizabeth, I'm from Brazil. My daughter loves the Bolt. This year we will make the party theme for 5 years with Bolt. We also wear as Penny.
shay said…
Hi I was wondering where u got the fabric for this costume and if u knew what it was called thanks
Joelle said…

My daughter also loves Bolt and want to be him for Halloween. I was wondering as well if you sold the costume or would you be willing to sell it. Please let me know. Thanks,

Refugee Crafter said…
I bought this fabric from JoAnn's. I'm not sure what it was called, but it was with the soft minky fabrics people use for baby blankets. After two years it's still really soft.

Those requesting one,
I'm sorry, I am not selling this one (too precious) and do not currently have plans to make and sell one, but I will let you know if I ever put one up for sale.
Unknown said…
Hello my son loves bolt are you willing to sell costume ?

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