Dreams Do Come True!

I can hardly believe it! My blessing dress was featured in Grosgrain's Flickr Favs last week! This is such a big deal to me. She's huge in the sewing/blogging world! I feel like the nerd who just got noticed by the head cheerleader, and she said such nice things!

This lady is the reason I started sewing again so it means all the more to me. I've always enjoyed sewing, but didn't realized how much until I discovered her blog a year and a half ago. She makes these gorgeous dresses and gives them away. Seeing them made me want to sew again...so I pulled out the sewing machine even though I didn't have a little girl to sew for back then. (I sewed for Liam when I could, but there just aren't very many boy patterns, and he's not all that keen on dress-up. Go figure.) The rest is history.

Somebody pinch me. I still think I must be dreaming.


Shana said…
Awesome! Congrats woman. :) If anyone deserves this praise, it's you. Merry Christmas, too.
Kacey said…
wow...that's huge! congrats!
yay congrats! i love grosgrain too. isn't she amazing? i wonder how the heck she has time to sew and giveaway such amazing things? guess what speaking of giveaways? you won the headbands! ( and i gave you an award too) send me an email at jacquelynbateman@hotmail.com so i can get your info.
Aubrey said…
congratulations! You deserved it for all the work you put into it.
Bonnie said…
Congratulations! That is so exciting. I actually just found your blog - I was looking for a birthday crown pattern and fell in love with yours (thank you for the tutorial by the way- I hope to be blogging about a finished crown soon if my babies will let me get to it)!

I just wanted to say that I am really enjoying your blog - very inspiring, and beautiful projects!
Stephanie said…
I saw your blessing dress on Grosgrain and loved it. I thought I would pop on over to your blog to see what else you've done. You are an AMAZING seamstress! Thanks for all the tutorials too!
Kacey said…
WOOHOO! That is awesome! Congratulations! You deserve the attention because you do amazing work!

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