My Dress for the Wedding

I was overdressed. I knew I would be, but what other chance was I going to have to make a formal dress for myself!? Besides, my husband expects these sorts of things from me now. I just can't bear to let him down. Right?

This dress was my inspiration. I am still so in love with that dress. It reminds me of the dress Vera-Ellen wears when she dances on the dock with Danny Kaye in White Christmas.

Made of an ivory satin and yards and yards nylon chiffon. Two complete circles resulting in a 10 yard circumference around the bottom for each of the four layers in the skirt. Talk about a twirly dress.

It was yellower (in person) than I originally imagined, almost a light buttercup actually, but it looked fabulous with those tomato red heels in the end so no complaining here.

I should have made a movie to show you how it moved. Oh, how it moved!

Here is a detail of my favorite part. Didn't that turn out lovely?

(I know it's a little lacking in the main wedding coral color, but as I figure it, I was going to be carrying this darling coral accessory the whole time anyway. Plus, I wasn't so sure I could pull off the coral as well as she could.)

It's been a while since I've sewn for myself, and honestly, I was scared to death to do so much pattern drafting for myself for this dress. I feel so much more comfortable drafting for children. I learned a lot from this one, and I'm still learning, but each new dress is a new step along the path.


The dress is stunning! You look great in it!
Gorgeous! I'm amazed that you can just come up with something that fabulous without a pattern. And Teagan's dress was adorable too! :)
Alice-Anne said…
did you upstage the bride? You look amazing! Way to go on those two gorgeous dresses...I hope you twirled a LOT.
Emily said…
LOVE IT! You are so good!
Rae said…
I thought you looked FABULOUS in this! I still can hardly believe you made it. . . it's amazing!!!! And still love Tigi's dress. What a cutie!!!

you are so talented. . .keep it up!
n8 and Aubrey said…
Ditto. I thought you looked awesome! Someday, maybe I can just sit and watch you sew. Maybe glean a little of your brilliance. Congratulations on a job well done. You look beautiful.
pinksuedeshoe said…
You realize that this is absolutely incredible, right? You do? OK, good. Just thought I'd be clear.

No, but seriously, you look FANTASTIC! That dress is truly amazing, A.MAZE.ING.
frikadel said…
you are very beautifull with this dress faor agreat day
I love the flower too
Myshell said…
Simply fabulous!
Heidi said…
Ha! I THOUGHT that building looked familiar! And when I looked closer, I knew I was right. Hooray for the Utah girls!

Also, you dress is gorgeous. :)
Jane said…
What a fabulous dress! You look simply amazing. With your style I don't think you could ever be over-dressed! (Probably wearing a dress to a wedding is over-dressed by today's standards.)
Anonymous said…
Hi, just found you blog via SewRetro.

Your dress is so stunning and classy!!! I love it!

I'm dying to know-- How do you hem all those miles and miles of skirts? (Please say it was something attainable by us mere mortals like serging.)
Refugee Crafter said…
To Elizabeth (who has attained the level of demigod at least; check out her gorgeous civil war gowns!):

The hem is done using a serger and a rolled hem stitch, or so my friend who actually owns the serger and finished the miles of fabric for me says. She's a very reliable source. I have to say so. I owe her BIG time. :)
Rachel said…
That dress is AMAZING!!! I am wanting to make one very similar for a banquet we have in the spring in my area. Could you possibly share some more details on how you drafted the dress? And also, did the chiffon layer on the top too? Or just on the skirt? Amazing!
Kittenkat said…
You look amazing in that dress. I've been looking for a style like that for an event coming up. I'm a salsa dancer and the twirl is king for me. I was wondering about a pattern for the dress. I wanted to go old school glamour for our next big party.
Anonymous said…
That's it. I'm subscribing! :D

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