Tigi's Wedding Dress

Now that the newlyweds (my brother- and sister-in-law) have been married a month, I suppose I can post pictures of my wedding creations. Not that there was really any reason to wait until now...it just kind of happened that way.

First, the headband I made using the singed fabric method like the one here. I used about six or seven layers for each flower and offset each layer instead of attaching them all in the middle. There are a few beads sewn in the middle too.

And now, here is the dress I designed and made for Tigi. My little fairy princess. What a doll!

Aren't those gold sandals just adorable?

Funny story about the fabric. I found it in the "red tag" section at JoAnn's the day before the "red tag" section went on sale for half off. It was only fabric around in the PERFECT color, so, like any other good-natured bargain hunter, I hid it beneath a pile of other red tag fabrics so that I could return and purchase it the next day for $1.50 a yard. Then I found another bolt and promptly hid that too. After all, you've got to buy an extra four yards...just in case, right? I then returned the next day and recovered my buried treasure.

A couple of weeks later my sister in law and her mother who was visiting came over, and I proudly showed them my conquest. To my surprise, they turned to each other and laughed. "So you're the reason we had to go to THREE different JoAnn's to find enough of that same fabric for all the bridesmaids' and flower girls' dresses!" they exclaimed.

Oops. At least I can say with a surety that it was the perfect fabric.

I'd love to show you my initial sketch that inspired this dress, but Teagan is sleeping in the same room as the scanner so I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow. Until then.


Myshell said…
Adorable dress! I had to chuckle at the Joann's story too...sounds like something I would do :)
Cheers to you!
Jodi Wade said…
That is the cutest little fairy dress ever! She is so adorable.

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