Stitch by Stitch

Sew, Mama, Sew is giving away a serger. Not just any serger, a Husqvarna Viking serger. Swoon. I REALLY want a serger...this serger. I want this serger so badly that I did something so unlike me for my entry. I made a music video complete with an original song written by my husband and me for this giveaway. There have been a lot of late nights and early mornings during the completion of this project.

Before you watch it, I have a short disclaimer:
Like I said, this was very unlike me. I am a sing-in-the-shower kind of girl and definitely not an actress. Also, please don't take it too literally. (In actuality, I have two children, a boy and a girl, and I love to sew for them both.) My grandpa always said there were two ways to tell a story; one tells the actual events, the other expresses more the feeling of the story. I opted for the latter. Sewing is a defining part of who I am and has been for as long as I can remember. The song says it all much better than I could any other way, so without much ado, here it is (with the lyrics after):

Here's the link, just in case:

Stitch by Stitch Lyrics

A needle in hand.
A wedding in mind.
A little girl stitching and then she
Pulls it tight,
Ties a knot,
And then she holds it up for the world to see.

She's made a dress of gingham blue.
Her dolls lined up in sets of two.
Stitch by stitch her dreams come true,
As she's becoming someone new.

But with a serger she could sew,
Cute clothing as she learns and grows.
She's using all the things she knows.

Here she goes.

But with a serger she could be,
Something for all the world to see,
Although she's still just four foot three.

Sew mama sew.

A ring on my hand.
A wedding in mind.
I’m all grown up and a bride to be.
Yards of white.
Satin silk.
And then I hold it up for the world to see.

My wedding dress, my mother’s too.
Something borrowed, something blue.
Stitch by stitch, my dreams come true.
Now I'm becoming someone new.

But with a serger I could sew,
cute clothing as I learn and grow.
I’m using all the things I know.

Here I go.

But with a serger I could be,
Something for all the world to see.
Sewing the best of all that’s me.

Sew mama sew.

A needle in hand.
A baby in mind.
A dress hanging in the nursery.
My water breaks.
A hospital ride.
The doctor holds her up for the world to see.

My baby girl when she turned two,
I made a dress of gingham blue.
Stitch by stitch my dreams come true,
Again becoming someone new.

But with a serger I could sew,
Cute clothing as my daughter grows,
And so I ask sew mama sew.

Here we go.

But with a serger I could be,
Something for all the world to see.
Help me become the best of me.

Sew mama sew.

**If I were to make a pop-up version, here are some of the fun facts I'd include:
That is actually a shot of me in the hospital just after giving birth to my daughter. The shot still makes me tear up.
That is my original wedding dress.
I sewed the blue skirt featured, but haven't blogged about it yet.
My husband composed and recorded the music himself using tools from work. (He makes and scores movies to help teach English in the summers when he's not teaching junior high. Have I ever told you that?)
That is him playing cello too.
He was also the cinematographer for this video. He is a man of many talents and loves me enough to share them with me for a chance to win a serger.


Shantel Elise said…
This is amazing. I am so impressed! You have my vote for the serger!
Oh my goodness!!!! I was just clicking around on SMS, stalking all the amazing entries... you have my vote for sure, girl - that is one amazing piece of work! :)
Aubrey said…
Very awesome! Wish I could vote!!!!
Rae said…
I HOPE YOU WIN!!!!! If I were the judge, you would! :) THAT was AWESOME. Nice song too, bro! Loved it loved it loved it. The whole family watched. Jimmy wants to watch it again, but it's bedtime, so I said no. Maybe he'll watch it tomorrow. :)

Rae said…
I HOPE YOU WIN!!!!! If I were the judge, you would! :) THAT was AWESOME. Nice song too, bro! Loved it loved it loved it. The whole family watched. Jimmy wants to watch it again, but it's bedtime, so I said no. Maybe he'll watch it tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said…
You definitely deserved this win!
Carolina said…
Congratulations! Beautifully done... you should step out of your comfort zone more often!! : )
JariJari said…
Congratulations! Both of you and your DH is so talented & creative.
Summer Flies said…
I want to tell you your beautiful song made me get tears in my eyes. The cello was fantastic ... the whole thing was wonderful.... you really wanted an overlocker (serger) didn't you!
Really that's a phenomenal entry and a more phenomenal song... congratulations again.
Avoden Blue said…
Your song is Sew, sew, sew beautiful!!!! (ok, that was a bad pun... LOL)

Tabitha, you are beautiful... your voice is beautiful, your husband's cello playing is beautiful.. and as much as I wanted that serger for my own daughter and myself for our Etsy business... Tabitha dear, you unquestionably deserved to win that wonderful serger with high honours! May you sew many creations over the years as beautiful as you and your husband's song.... and sing out loud to the world much more often!

CONGRATULATIONS and many blessings to you and your family.
Lainie said…
The video is great! Congratulations!! Just popped over from Sew, Mama, Sew...
YOU GO, GIRL!!!! So happy for you - huge congratulations!! :D
Emily said…
I just watched the video after I saw you won. You deserved it! Way to go!
jglitter said…
That was great! I came over after seeing you won the serger on Sew Mama Sew. You have a new blog fan!
Anonymous said…
That was just awesome. Congratulations! You (and your sweet husband) definitely deserved the win!
Brenda said…
Congratulations on winning!!
Tommy said…
Tabitha, I was totally blown away. Words just don't describe the awesomeness of that entry. I was about to complain to the wife that it just wasn't fair, but then I realized I enjoyed watching your video more than I would've if we won the Serger.

I posted about your winning entry here on this fabric forum. I hope you produce more songs and videos!
trudys_person said…
Amazing and wonderful! Congratulations on winning the serger! You so deserve it!
Brenda said…
great video and congrats on winning!
Unknown said…
This was an amazing video!Great job, I loved it!
Lena said…
Such a wonderful job, congrats on winning. BTW awesome video
This is incredible! Congratulations! and great job!
Danna Saunders said…
Fantastic! Congrats on the win. :)
Cricket said…
Yours is by far the most amazing entry I have seen. You are a sing-in-the-shower kind of girl?! My shower only dreams of singing like that!

Congratulation on your win.
Congrats on winning the serger. Saw your video on SMS--awesome!
Eloisa said…
I really love your video and I want to congratulate you for your creativty! You deserve the serger!!!!
Happy sewing!!!!!
Goosegirl said…
Congratulations Tabitha! I LOVE your song and video and am so happy you won the serger. You absolutely deserve it.
Miss Pelicano said…
Hi! Just saw you won and saw the video! How fantastic! Really funny! Well done! And your voice is sweet!
Tabitha, I want to ask if you're be willing to be interviewed for an article I am writing on the Sew,Mama,Sew giveaway and blog giveaway trends in the fabric/sewing industry. I tried to find your contact info from your profile but didn't see it, so I'm posting it here.

It will be just a few short (easy, fun) email questions you can reply with answers. I will post it here and on my blog, and then will see if we can syndicate it to other sites or magazines.

You can contact me via my blog profile or you can send me a private message on the fabric forum.

P.S. I loved your video. My husband really, really loved it.
jules said…
Now that you've won you better write some posts on how to use the thing!
sara said…
Wow! Really nice video.Beautiful voice. Congratulations on wining the serger.
Nancy said…
Loved it! What a beautiful story and setting. I love knowing the little facts about you + DH. Congratulations!
Grandma Honey said…
Your video made such an impression on me that I just posted about it on my blog! You are amazing!!
Tanya said…
Amazing job! I love the lyrics ... you definetly deserve the win. :)
Donna said…
What a great video for inspiring someone to sew! I really enjoyed it.
Alice-Anne said…
Way to go...sorry I didn't help with the looks like you didn't need me! You sing beautifully...and Will, you never cease to amaze me!
Congrats!!! Enjoy your serger!
That was tremendous! Congrats-- you deserve it.
oh wow, great job! so glad you won the serger.
Shana said…
Such a neato idea! Love it :)

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