I Have a Problem

I think I may need to see a professional about this one. I am a compulsive fabric buyer. There, I said it. I just realized that I have five, count 'em, FIVE large bins of fabric under my bed. How did that happen?

Let's do the math:
"Oh, I'd better buy an extra three yards. Just in case" X 15 + "Love that." X 10 + "It's only a dollar a yard!" X 30 + "Oh, you don't want that! Send it my way!" X 12 = 5 BINS

That's not counting the cabinet in my kitchen filled with half-finished/almost-started projects or what may be hiding in the two boxes next to my bed with extra supplies from finished/abandoned projects that just need to be returned to their proper places.

Oh...I am so grounded. No more fabric purchasing until I have cleared out one bin at least. (Minus the fabric I may need to complete so-called "half-finished/almost-started projects" and Halloween costumes.)

You are all my witnesses.


Sorry, but until you have rented a storage unit to store fabric and sometimes you just go and visit, well you can rest assure their is someone out there with it much much worse.
Grandma Honey said…
With the new Serger, you will be all set!
Penny said…
I was a fabricaholic!! I just liked the feel of it, but I couldn't cut into it. What if I made a mistake? Sold my stash at a garage sale. I swore off buying fabric for 20 years.
Turn the clock forward 20 years and someone had invented fat quarters. I'm at it again... There's so much less guilt when you buy such a tiny piece. Now I have stacks of "tiny pieces" growing in my guest room. But I am no longer afraid to cut, since quilters just rearrange the designs of others. I find the trick is to never put it completely away. That way I'm not hoarding, I'm just waiting for inspiration.
Good luck with the boxes under your bed!!
pinksuedeshoe said…
I used to be that way with craft supplies. And last November I swore off buying any more craft supplies period... well for at least a year. I told myself that I had to use what I had before I bought anything else. It really helped me to go to the closet first, instead of Roberts. And next year I'll swear off buying fabric. I don't even remember what I have anymore (sad!) and if I'd just do a little digging I could find something and make my project with something I already have. It might not turn out the same, but if might be better... also, not going into the store is my only hope to stay successful with any of this.
Refugee Crafter said…
@CSA Family Dinners
Ha! True it could be much, much worse. :)

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