Blast from the Past

No week of Halloween creating would be complete without a tribute to the only woman I know who literally has more Halloween decorations than Christmas decorations, my mother-in-law, the Queen of Halloween. If I had hand-picked my own mother-in-law, I definitely would have picked her. She is an amazing woman, and I am proud to now call her "Mom."

She has made quite a few costumes in her day, and I am proud to present a few. Well, I am anyway, Will might have a few objections. Exhibit A:

No costume post would be complete without this one. Will is Mr. Tall, Trek, and Handsome in the back. That was then.

This is now. She looks forward to passing out candy every year.

Yes, you children of the Eighties, that's my sister-in-law as She-Ra.

Here she is again as the classic clown. What a cutie.

Will learned how to keep in character from his mom.

Costumes suitable for Halloween as well as...

everyday use. Don't these boys rock?

What's all this Halloween Sewdown about?


Aubrey said…
Love this post!!!
Citra said…
If your mother -in-law ever had a craft blog, she would host one of the best craft blog ever !!
I love her creations :)

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