Favorite Scarf

I recently bought this crocheting pattern and LOVED it. Big time. Well written, clean, and clever. Most of the time I can figure out a crocheting pattern just by looking at it (although it might take me a while), but I don't think I would have figured this one out on my own. Don't get me wrong, this pattern was very easy to follow. It just happened to be extra clever.

That said, I didn't complete the whole pattern. I just made the flower and attached it to a scarf just like the kind Shana, the pattern designer, makes and sells here.

Here's mine:

Kind of looks familiar, eh? What can I say, Shana's got style, and I'm apparently a monkey. Monkey see, monkey do.

Now, I'm a stylish monkey.

(BTW, It looks great with my standard uniform of t-shirt and jeans.)

I even made another one for my sister-in-law one in blue for her birthday. I may have to make one for myself in blue too. Totally going to be my go-to gift this year.

In other news, Teagan always seems to wander into my photos. Like Waldo (or Wally, for you non-North-Americans.) Not that Waldo wanders into my pictures...but see Tigi's like Waldo because...well...you know what I mean. I hope.


Shana said…
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I feel very flattered. :) You are so sweet to share my pattern. And your scarf is dang cute. Turned out great!
pinksuedeshoe said…
Creamie creeps into my pics too. I love it! Your scarf looks great, I'm totally impressed!
jones family said…
Dear refugee crafter....

I was searching for blessing dresses or patterns online and came across your blog for your sweet little girls dress you made? would you consider making dresses for other people? i am desprate... i found a dress i like online but its 250.00 and i just can't afford that... i don't know what it costs to make one but i do not have the sewing talent at all so i just thought i would see if you were interested and see how much you would charge me.... i want it off white and silk dupioni material... the dress i love the "jessa" dress on the website www.onesmallchild.com... i am probably way out in left field with this but your dress was so cute that you made and i am getting the vibe you just kinda made up the pattern.... anyways let me know, oh my name is Melanie Jones i live in Henefer Ut... we are planning to bless our little khloe on fast sunday in january. ps she was a preemie so it makes finding a dress hard they are all like 3 months sizes but in jan.. we will be lucky if she fits into newborn stuff
Unknown said…
Tabi, the boots you are wearing in this picture are darling. Where did you find them?
Refugee Crafter said…
The boots are from Shoe Carnival. I just got them, so I'm sure they're still in stock.

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