Literally Halloween

Okay, so this is really just as much of a filler post as it is a documentation of great costume ideas. I realize with just one week left you probably *hopefully* know what your children are going to be for Halloween. However, if you're like me and start thinking of next years costumes as you pack away the pumpkins, you'll be getting a head start.

Here are a few literary based costumes (click on the pictures to see the links):

First off, a little Dr. Suess:

Twins anyone?

One of my favs.

Eric Carle:

Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat:

Arthur by Marc Brown:

Can't get enough of Mo Willems' Pigeon books:

Click on the picture/link. There's another picture of him with his mom dressed as a bus driver.

A classic, Pippi Longstocking:

A Bad Case of the Stripes. Clever, eh?

What's all this Halloween Sewdown about?


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