Sewdown Slowdown

Sorry for the slowdown. The kids have been waking up at six ALL week, and Will is out of town. (I am very ready for him to come home tonight.)

I'm this close to finishing Liam's costume, and I've got a couple of tutorials up my sleeve.

Until tomorrow then. Crossing my fingers for a good night's sleep tonight.


Aubrey said…
hey tabster... I know what it's like. I was so ready for Nate to come home too. Can't wait to see Liam's costume. Also, just thought you should know... some of your ads show up as scantily clad women sometimes. Just thought you should know. Maybe it's because they know I'm from vegas?....
Steph said…
My little one keeps getting up super early, though it does mean she has a nap. It all changes so quickly with little kids!

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