New Old Sweater

Have you been following "Embellish Knit Month" at Grosgrain? Me too! Have you been completely and totally inspired? Me too!

I finally took this old sweater below and made it into something I LOVE.

This sweater never fit very well, but it was a great color. Seeing Kathleen resize and redo so many sweaters finally gave me the courage to try it myself. (I've been a little hesitant, because, well, I've had so many failed refashioning attempts than I care to count.)

I highly recommend following Kathleen's instructions on Grosgrain for resizing sweaters. It made a world of difference in this sweater.

For the neckline, I used this tutorial and loved it. Disney rocks. I'm so glad she's back.

The best part, total cost: Free fifty free!
I had all the materials on hand!


Emily said…
Love your new sweater! I've enjoyed Knit Month at Grosgrain. I'm even more excited to try Disney's tutorial. :)
Citra said…
You did a great job ! I love the color & the ruffled neckline, so bold !

I'm following the Knit Embellished Month too.. Unfortunately, I don't have any sweater to try. Too hot to wear any sweater here. Maybe I shall try to embellish non-sweatery things :)

Aubrey said…
I can't believe you accomplished this post while we were gone. It takes me a liftime to blog. seriously. Love it though. p.s. let me know if you have any objections to posting your fam photos on my blog. Thanks!

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