Tossin' Cookies

I know, I know. What happened to Halloween? I still need to upload a few Halloween pictures from my camera. I, uh, got distracted. Story of my life.

Lately, I've been distracted with preparing a small presentation on giving and wrapping holiday treats for my women's group.

Here are a few cute ways to dress up those goodies. I'll start with this one complete with a video tutorial:

Do you have any cheap gift boxes around? I got mine from the dollar store. Four for a buck. Cut a hole, add plastic wrap and a frame. Here let me show you:

Too much work?

Try a Chinese takeout box and add a tag. This one came from Michael's for $1.30.

How about this cute box also for $1.30 at Michael's? Just decorated with trim and a tag.

This is made by Wilton, found at Michael's. Three for four dollars.

Nothin' wrong with a cellophane bag. (20/$1 - dollar store) Try adding a cheap ornament. (6/$1 - dollar store)

They even make plate sized ones. (3/$1 - dollar store)

(Sorry, those last two could be cuter. I was on a time crunch. They're asking for some cute ribbon. Or something.)

Or, use an ordinary sandwich bag and staple a printed out (and folded) label to the top. (I'll upload these printables tomorrow. Teagan is asleep in the computer room. I'm on my mobile.)

Finally, try a simple ribbon around a plate or box. Embellish with a flower buckle like this one.

There's my presentation in a nutshell. Not super extensive but better than Will's suggestion of either plastic wrap or foil. His cookies are so good though, I'd take them any ol' way they're packaged.


pinksuedeshoe said…
I lvoe that first idea! It's so simple, and yet so fantastic. I'll be making a few of those for sure this year. Great post!

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