Peasant Shirt Revisited

I made this one back in September, but it didn't really fit then. Now it's almost too small. Glad to know she's growing.

It's another peasant shirt like the one I made here. This time I just put the bias tape on the outside.

The fabric was a gift from my mother-in-law given quite some time ago. It's this lovely little cherry print. I've got a thing for cherries. However, the fabric was a little too bright for this particular project so I discharged some of the color like I saw on Wise Craft a while ago. She explains it in more detail, but basically, before sewing, you soak the fabric in a heavy bleach solution for a few minutes, and it takes out some of the color. The amount varies depending on the fabric. (There are great examples here too.) It's my new favorite way to alter fabric.


Grandma Honey said…
She looks just like you!
pinksuedeshoe said…
That shirt is so cute! And I love the idea of changing the color with bleach. I totally have some fabric that needs a little "help" like that!
Emily said…
Oh so cute! (the shirt and your little girl!)
Emily said…
PS the mesh came from Sam's Club. Thank you for your kind comments! Merry Christmas!
Citra said…
Both of them are super cute
Lovely Teagan, I miss her so much
Maybe you shall post more of her photos :)
Lisa said…
so sweet! you're a pro at making childrens clothes :)

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