Celebrate the Boy!

I've been waiting for this all year! "Celebrate the Boy" with Made by Rae and Dana Made It starts this week! Yay!

In anticipation for the beginning of this momentous occasion, here are a few shots of a couple of shirts I made for Liam this Christmas.

See, I do make things for my little guy sometimes. Not just cloth napkins
I even got a thumbs up.


Liam is very into Star Wars, especially Lego Star Wars, so when I saw this shirt featured on I Am Momma Hear Me Roar, I knew I had to make one. Here's a close up of the other shirt. I'd show it on Liam, but I knew I was pushing it by having him model the first one. I was lucky to have gotten a smile let alone a thumbs up.

I've learned a few things about making detailed images using freezer paper stencils that I can't wait to show later this week. So much easier. Let's just say I had a couple of "aha" moments.

In case you're wondering I used this image for the AT-AT. I just simplified it a bit. I find that coloring pages make the best images for t-shirts.

I used the image at the bottom of this page for the Lego Stormtrooper. That one is actually a GREAT tutorial on drawing Lego Star Wars characters.


Grandma Honey said…
I've been following your wonderful blog since you made that outstanding-off-the-charts video for the Serger machine contest. I hope you enter the contests my step daughters are running right now.


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