Christmas Camera Strap

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled sewing with...more sewing. I still have a couple of Christmas projects I never posted. Seems like I'm always playing catch-up.

Here's the camera strap cover I made for my sister-in-law. I followed this tutorial pretty closely but added ruffles and a lens cap pocket. The back side was done with a crushed-velvet-like knit for comfort. Oh, and I padded it a little with some batting also for comfort.

I love that it went together so quickly especially after discovering this new way of gathering ruffles. Basically, you zig-zag stitch over some sort of cord or floss. (I used crochet thread.) Then, you pull on the crochet thread to gather the ruffle. This works great when you have a great deal of fabric to gather like for a tu-tu or petticoat. I wouldn't recommend using it on sleeves or other small areas where you want the gathers to be delicate and smooth.

My sister-in-law is amazing as a photographer and took our family photos this year:

I know right!? Stinkin' awesome!

You can see more of her work on her photography blog.

(Speaking of catching-up, I'm doing a lot of that this week after being down and out last week with the flu. Can't wait to show you my next installment inspired by Project Toddler Runway!)


Emily said…
Love the strap and photos!
Bonnie said…
I love the lens cap pocket, I am ALWAYS forgetting where I put mine!

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