Jean Challenge

I'm still working my way through the Shwin and Shwin Project Toddler Runway challenges. I've had so much fun playing along!

Here is my look inspired by the jean challenge. (Don't worry, I haven't skipped the boys challenge. I'm halfway through but have had a few unexpected delays. If all goes well, it could be my favorite.)

Just a little jumper made out of chambray and photographed on a poster board to give it that clean catalog look. (It's kind of cheating as chambray's not really jean fabric, but it's light weight and jean-like.)

Truth is, this one is still a titch too big. It should fit when the weather is actually warm enough to wear it. 

My favorite parts are the little details, especially the ruffled, FUNCTIONAL pockets. (Big thanks to the tutorials at Ikat Bag.)


This is soooo cute!

It's very similar to what I was trying to make when I crashed and burned and dropped out =)

I really wanted to make it a capri jumpsuit but I love all the ruffles that you added around the pocket... nice touch!
Ana said…
Very cute! The denim looks very soft.
Jessica said…
I'm hoping a tutorial for this outfit is in your future! I think it'd be super cute as a shorties outfit too!

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