Here's my next installment inspired by the Project Toddler Runway challenges. This one was for the Sequins, Feathers, and Fur, Oh My! challenge. (If there is a big enough response, I'll make a tutorial for the skirt.)

So, uh, where are the sequins? Well, I totally would have been voted off the show for not adhering to the theme. This outfit was just one of those outfits that just kept evolving. Initially it was going to be a black ruffled dress with a sequin bow on the yoke, but after fighting with the muslin for a week I decided it just looked like too much dress for one little girl. I had a couple of ideas in the meantime involving black ruffled skirts and gathered sleeves until one late night when I was up with a certain little girl who had no business being awake but insisted on it, I thought of a version of this outfit.

This is what I ended up with: short tunic top with tie, flutter sleeves with lace, cream petticoat skirt with lace, and the sequin bow moved up to the hair. Teagan's sequined church shoes matched perfectly. (The sequins on the bow were sewn on one-by-one. Will just about had a heart attack, but I had to have something to do while watching Netflix.)

I used Simplicity 2668 for the top, but shortened it and added flutter sleeves. Warning, this pattern runs LARGE. I tried it on Teagan before putting in the sleeves and the armholes nearly reached her belly button. Almost. It's a good thing I wasn't planning on having her wear it sleeveless otherwise the Federation Against Child Indecency (FACI) would have locked me up for sure. (Just kidding, I made made that part and party up.)

I sewed a large because it says it's an 18 months size like Teagan is just starting to grow into, but I probably should have gone with the medium or maybe even small size. Other than that, I really liked the pattern.


Emily said…
So pretty! I love the lace on the sleeves and the skirt. Did you cut her hair?
Oh that is adorable! I love the lace on the sleeves and that bow tie looks like it was worth all the tedious work!!
Bonnie said…
Your project toddler runway designs just keep getting sweeter! I LOVE the skirt, my girls would go crazy for it.
I love it! SO darling! And the sequins on the hair bow! Wow sewing those on by hand had to be a lot of work, it all looks so great! You did a fabulous job! Thanks for sharing it with me!
Shana said…
You hand sewed sequins on? Congrats on the patience. I would have gone nuts! :)
Cute, cute. As always!
Shana said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
She looks like a doll! I love this outfit!!!!!! Please link it up at my weekly linky party every Wednesday (it's still up today)!
Bonnie said…
Thank you for your comment on my blog. You should take the challenge for February and finish up a few of those WIPs! Sometimes I get frustrated when I have kids climbing all over my projects, but then I take a picture of it and have to step back and laugh!
Dee said…
That skirt and bow are to die for!
Rae said…
Oh my precious!!
Ashlee said…
oh please please do a tutorial for the skirt.. and tell us the fabric you used etc.. It's to die for!
Anonymous said…
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