Rae Shirt Pattern and Thank you.

Before I begin, I just want to say:

Thank you.

Thank you to all you bloggers and blog readers out there.  I feel so goofy as I write this, but I really mean it. If it weren't for you all, I wouldn't have started sewing so avidly again. I wouldn't be constantly inspired. (I wouldn't have a "to make" list a mile long. :) I wouldn't have your lovely comments cheering me on.  Thank you.

Every once in a while, I actually finish one of those items on my to do list. This is one of them. Maybe this can become one of the items to make on your list too because...I've included the pattern and tutorial below!

I've named this shirt the "Rae Shirt" after one of my favorite bloggers, Rae of Made by Rae. It is after all inspired by (a.k.a copied from) one of her creations. I fell in love that shirt. I'm still envious of her gorgeous fabric and pure awesomeness, but I'm pleased with how this one turned out:

(I'm new to this whole pattern making process, so please forgive me for only including one size (12 months). It's all I have time for right now. If it helps though, Teagan was actually wearing 18 month clothes when we took these pictures and it seemed to still fit. So, I guess that makes it a size 12 month-ish.)

So here goes:

The Rae Shirt 
Size 12 months
Click here for pattern pieces.  

(The pattern is in PDF format so you will need Adobe Reader to read and open it.  It's free, and you can download it here.)
You can also find it on Scribd here

1 yard fabric
1/4 yard contrasting fabric for pockets
1/2 yard 1/4" elastic
1 yard double fold bias tape
(Here's a tutorial for making your own bias tape.)

Instructions with pictures come after "the jump."


1. Print out the pattern and tape it together.  Clear packing tape works great.

(Helpful Hint: I usually cut off only the top and right margins of each paper rather than cutting off all the margins. Then I layer the cut edges over the uncut edges as I piece together the pattern matching the printing as I go. I could be fooling myself, but I think it saves a little time, makes things a little more accurate, and gives more of a base for the tape to hold onto.)

(I tape one row at a time.)


(Then, I tape the rows together.)

 2. Cut out the paper pattern pieces. Pin to fabric, and cut out.

3. Mark pleat stitch lines, fold lines, and button holes. (I like to mark my fold and stitch lines with tiny "snips." Later I just fold over the fabric using the "snips" as a guide.)

4. Sew pleats 1/4" away from each fold line down to a point 2 1/2" below the cut edge.

5. Press pleats to one side. Baste in place 1/4" from top edge.

6. Sew front to back at shoulder and side seams.
7. Sew sleeve side seams. (The pattern includes cut lines for 3/4 length sleeves too.  The instructions are the same for both sleeve lengths.)
8. Pin sleeves to armholes right sides together. Sew sleeves to shirt.

 (Somehow I missed taking pictures of the next couple of steps the first time, so here they are with a different fabric.)

9. Pin bias tape around the bottom edge of the sleeve encasing the raw edge of the sleeve. Be sure to put the taller bias tape edge on the inside of the sleeve so that the stitching will catch it in the next step. Cut off the extra leaving about one extra inch.

10. Stitch in place along the edge of the bias tape leaving the last half inch unsewn.

11. Thread a piece of elastic the length of your child's wrist through the bias tape casing using a safety pin, and sew ends of elastic together. (I used a piece about 6 1/2 inches long.)

12. Fold over the cut edge of the bias tape and stitch closed.
13. Along back raw edges, fold over 1/4" toward the inside of the shirt. Fold over again, 1" from folded edge. Sew along folded edge.

14. Stitch button holes on left back edge.

15. Fold up 1/4" toward the inside of the bottom shirt edge. Fold up 1/4" again to cover up raw edge. Sew along folded edge to form hem.

16. Pin double folded bias tape to neckline encasing the raw edge. The longer side of the bias tape should be on the inside of the shirt. Tuck raw edges of the bias tape to the inside.
Because it's a little tricky, here's a little video showing how I mitre the corners of the square neckline:

17. Sew on buttons. You're done!

Optional pockets:

1. Sew pocket pieces right sides together leaving a 2" hole along top for turning it inside out.

2. Notch rounded edges and clip corners.

3. Turn inside out. Stitch along top edge.

4. Pin to shirt, and stitch 1/8" from pocket sides.


Poems Library said…
good job! lovely shirt
Kathy said…
Help! This pattern is so cute, and will be PERFECT for my two little granddaughters. But it won't print, no matter what I do! I have updated Adobe and everything. Is there another way to get the pieces?

Digital Misfit said…
Happy New Year! This shirt is adorable. I just came across it on Pinterest and have to make it for my best friend's baby girl. The link to download is not working, nor am I able to download it from Scribd. It seems that only 3 pages are on there, and it will not even let me click the purchase option. Just weird. Is there any way to get this pattern still? I know it has been awhile. Hugs, Heidi. heidig@gmail.com
Anonymous said…
This is so cute! I made one and blogged about it here: http://buttonbridge.wordpress.com/2014/01/16/rae-shirt-by-refugee-crafter/

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