Still Stitchin'

Even though I periodically disappear from the blog-o-sphere, I rarely stop creating for more than a few days at a time. The things I create are not always substantial and not always documented, but I've usually got something in the works. I have quite a few things in the works at the same time usually...a few too many right now. Half-finished projects are hiding all over my house. I'm just never quite sure what I'll want to work on during naptime or when the kids are down for the night.

Every once in a while though, a project totally consumes me, and I start and finish it within a few days or hours depending on how involved the project is.  This shirt, thankfully, ended up being a consuming rather than continuing kind of project.

For this shirt, I used the New Look Kids 6958 pattern and a Mary Engelbreit quilter's cotton. I'm not sure if this cherry print is still being sold, it was a gift years ago. (I finally decided to stop hoarding and start using my stash. That's so much harder to do when a print is as beloved as this one.) The actual fabric is quite a bit brighter than what is pictured here. I used a heavy bleach solution to discharge some of the color. I like yellow, but this was veering too close to neon. The bleaching ended up giving this fabric a great worn vintage vibe without making it look old. I love that.

Usually patterns run large, but this pattern's sizing is right on and the fit is great. Such an age appropriate design too.

I tend to make things more complicated than they are, but I held myself back with this one.  It already had a lot going for it with the pleating, square neck, and ribbon insertion. I did however add piping to the neckline and a placket on the back for that extra little pop. This placket is functional, but if you want to add a faux placket to one of your own patterns, here's a great tutorial over at No Big Dill.

So, there you have it, and if anyone out there pops in occasionally to see my occasional posts, know that this shirt will be well-loved and well-used because...



Refugee Crafter said…
I wasn't sure where to add this into the post, but:
Emily said…
Ohmygosh she is the cutest! Love this shirt, love that you bleached it and extra love that you're having another girl!! Congrats!!!!
Janel said…
I love this pattern! It's going on the list to get when JoAnn's patterns are a $1! Congratulations on the new wee one coming soon! Your girls will be best friends. :)
pinksuedeshoe said…
Congratulations on #3 and on #2 turning 2! I lvoe this shirt, this pattern is goign on my list of things to make asap!

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