Minnie Skirt

I was about to post pictures of a Teagan-sized version of this skirt and realized I had never posted about this one.

This is my adorable niece, Madison, and this is a belated posting of her belated birthday present.

I'm never quite sure what to say when I post. I guess I get typing tied...it's like getting tongue tied but digitally. Get it? Digitally? Like finger-digits and digitally in the electronic sense. Ha! I just made that one up! I should post late at night more often. My dad would be so proud.

Um, anyway..this is a circle skirt gathered with a casing and ribbon down one side to reveal a ruffled underskirt.  I guess the picture tells you that already.  I should just let them speak. Their jokes are funnier anyway.

Update: I've added a list of helpful tutorials on this post so you can make one of these skirts too.


Emily said…
What a fun skirt! It's a good thing my daughter's not paying attention right now or she'd totally demand one. ha. I get digitally tied too and not just typing. . . . hmmm. :)

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